Fairy Tales Art Project

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Art Collaboration
How to Create Art for Stories

There is a famous saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention”! That has certainly been true of the situation we all now find ourselves in. In that spirit, I have come up with a plan to create art together from a distance. As you may know, the Kanack School CAD Tour Group, has plans to travel to Finland next year where Andy and I have already started a CAD program similar to the one at KSMA. We were just starting to create several new improvised Fairy Tales to perform as part of that trip when the decision to close the physical part of the school came.

In order to continue to practice, our pianist Matthew has been hard at work creating and recording the basic themes and accompaniments for the group to work with. With the music well underway, I realized what a wonderful project it would be to create art to go with it as a kind of musical video rendition of these pieces. Thus began the art collaboration project! In order to collaborate artistically, it will be necessary to communicate online with each other. To begin the process, I have drawn up an outline of the stories we are working on. They are old fairy tales that we have adapted to become dramatically staged, improvised productions. Typically, we would wear costumes and create simple sets to heighten the audience’s enjoyment of our productions. The art you create will take the place of our live productions which can’t take place at the moment. These may be shared with multiple online audiences.

To participate, please follow the guidelines here:

  • Read the story you wish to illustrate (you may choose more than one).
  • Decide on a scene or character you would like to create.
  • Create a sketch of your idea.
  • Take a picture of your sketch and send it to me at my email: alicekanack@aol.com. I will respond with comments or ideas
  • Following our discussion, you will create the final version of your artwork for us to incorporate.
  • If there are multiple versions of the scene or character you have created, you may be asked to create a different one.
  • Feel free to draw as many sketches as you like. We would like to incorporate many of these!

I am excited to begin this project and look forward to receiving many sketches! Thank you in advance for participating in this project!

Alice Kanack

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Hansel & Gretel

The Frog Prince

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