Fiddle Class Tunes

Fiddle tunes can vary from person to person and region to region.  These recordings are meant to help our fiddle students learn the version the fiddle groups at KSMA are playing. Scroll down for a KSMA Fiddle Archive of past and present tunes!

Fiddle Class I

Boil ‘Em Cabbage Down

Beran Tanz

Dancing Bear

Old Joe Clark

Falling Leaves


Polska efter petter duvka No. 53

Griffin Road

Fiddle Class II & III

Speed the Plow

Michaelmas Time

Michaelmas Time Harmony

Mouse in the Kitchen

All the Rage

Time Will End


Red Prairie Dawn

Road to Kerrigouarch


Silver Spear


Margaret’s Waltz

The Wren

Lower Harmony

Upper Harmony

Sandy Boys

Gravel Walk

Timmy Cliffords

Connaughtman’s Rambles

Dr. Harmany

Eleanor Plunkett

Eleanor Plunkett – Lower Harmony

Julia Delaney

Money Musk

The Eagle’s Whistle

Fiddle Camp 2020 Tunes



KSMA Tunes 2019-2020

Oh! The Britches Full of Stitches – Irish Polka

Bill Sullivan’s Polka (i.e. Mickey Chewing Bubblegum) – Irish Polka

Captain Moonlite’s Army – Irish Polka

The Wren – French An Dro

Kesh Jig – Irish jig

Gaspé Reel – French Canadian

Maison Du Glace – French Canadian Jig

Red Prairie Dawn – Bluegrass

Out on the Ocean – Irish jig

Crested Hens – New England waltz

Margaret’s Waltz – New England waltz

The Banshee – Irish reel

The Silver Spear – Irish Reel

Epic Reel – New England reel

Georgia Railroad (fiddle version) – American Old Time

Black Grouse – Old Gaelic tune

Irish Washer Woman – Irish jig

Skye Boat – Scottish air

Rakes of Mallow – Irish

The Butterfly – Irish slip jig

Ten Penny Bit – Irish jig

Aaron Boat Song – Scottish air

Cripple Creek – American Old Time

Swallowtail Jig – Irish jig

Spotted Pony – American Old Time

Drowsy Maggie – Irish Reel

King George IV – Tommy Peoples’ version – Irish/Scottish strathspey

Earl’s Chair – Irish reel


Fiddle Camp 2019 Tunes

Mairi’s Wedding – Irish march/song

Mississippi Sawyer – Old Time

Far Away – New England waltz

Turtle in the Grass – New England

L’aire Mignonne – French Canadian 

Reel de Montreal – French Canadian reel

Slängpolska from Kalmar (i.e. the Final Countdown Polska) – Swedish polska

Merry Blacksmith – Irish reel

Bells in the Meadow – a Kanack student Original!!! – performed by Annabelle and Janice



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