Viola for Violinists

Viola for Intermediate and Advanced Violinists

To participate in the viola for violinists challenge please do the following.

  • Contact the String House at (585)442-9272 and request a two-month special rental rate viola.  They are offering a special two-month rental rate of $50. You will be asked to place a phone order. (If you play a Quarter size violin you should get a 12-inch viola. If you play a half size violin you should get a 13-inch viola. If you play a three quarter size violin, you should get a 14-inch viola. If you play a full-size violin, you can get a viola ranging from 14 to 16 inches. The size you get depends on your physical size. If you are unusually tall with long arms you will be able to handle a larger size. Keep in mind that the length of the instrument is not the only factor. Larger violas also are wider, heavier and fatter than smaller ones.)
  • When you call to request your instrument also request a copy of String Builder Book 1 for Viola by Applebaum. This will be your conversion to alto clef sight-reading book.
  • Email the school to let us know you will be participating and your current physical address.
  • Alice will pick up and deliver the instrument and book to your home!
  • Find the viola for violinists link on the student resources page and tune in for special free video sessions on transitioning your violin skills to the viola.

What to Expect

Following this course, you will be able to read alto clef, produce a beautiful viola tone, and play some basic repertoire on the viola. You will be able to easily transition between the violin and the viola in order to play in orchestras or chamber music. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain a valuable skill that will last you a lifetime!

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