KSMA Arts Preschool!

The Kanack School
of Musical Artistry
Introduces the new
Creative Ability Development Preschool – Fall 2021
A Multiple Arts Program for 3-5 year olds
Music, Dance, Storytelling, Visual Arts, and Theater


Following a Child’s Lead

This Preschool program was inspired by the amazing creative spirit of children. From a very young age, children love to explore their world creatively. They draw, they dance, they write stories, and they create music. The Kanack School of Musical Artistry’s Creative Ability Development (CAD) Preschool is designed to meet them where their passion is:

  • we teach them to play an instrument by creating their own music on that instrument;
  • we teach them to dance by creating their own choreography;
  • we teach them to tell original stories and turn those stories into theater pieces;
  • we teach them to represent their world in an artistic language right from the beginning.

Our approach is based on the idea that, with proper guidance, artistic technique, social skills and intellectual ability will develop naturally and beautifully as the children strive to create the most beautiful creative expressions they can. By giving them tools, instruments, basic technical instruction, and creative puzzles, they will easily follow the path of their innate creative spirit to achieve their highest potential.

The Basic Concept of CAD
The Disciplined Practice of the Freedom of Choice

There is an old ingrained idea in education, that freedom and discipline are opposite teaching concepts. However, in the study of creativity, they are not opposites; they are, in fact, equally essential. It is the disciplined practice of the freedom of choice that develops creativity with an unparalleled intensity. Creativity is the art of choice. When children practice making creative choices in a disciplined manner, they develop high levels of artistry and ability!

At the CAD preschool, we use structured improvisational games to practice the freedom of choice. The students repeatedly search for the best-improvised solution to each creative puzzle. This disciplined creative practice leads them to experience beautiful inspirations in multiple artistic languages.

Social Skills in a Creative Environment

There are three rules that every CAD classroom follows:

1) There’s no such thing as a mistake (When a child creates, all creative choices are his own. Anyone who interrupts his flow by offering suggestions or criticisms, becomes the creator by virtue of their criticism.  Therefore criticism is not allowed.)

2) Applause and Silence (All creativity is built on creations which came before; therefore we listen when someone shares their ideas and thank them by applauding those ideas. CAD classrooms are full of joyful applause and respect for the ideas of others.)

3) Never criticize a friend (Since there is no such thing as a mistake, no one is ever allowed to criticize another person.)

Children who are raised in this environment:

  • learn to collaborate and create with others
  • learn to respect each other’s ideas
  • Have a high self-esteem
  • Are easily able to express themselves

Registration Options

Green – 2 days per week 9:30-12:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays

Blue – 3 days per week 9:30-12:00 Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Red – 5 days per week 9:30-12:00 Monday through Friday

Cost and Payment Options

Green $1,450 (may be payed in full or in 3 installments of $485)

Blue $2,125 (may be payed in full or in 3 installments of $710)

Red $3,475 (may be payed in full or in 3 installments of $1,160)


There will be a one-time registration fee of $25 per family and a nonrefundable security fee of $200 to hold a place which will be applied to tuition costs.

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